Rose Quartz - The Crystal of Love

The sweet and lovely Rose Quartz, with a calming pink colour, is a stone for  Love. Whether you are a hopeless romantic or are searching for Unconditional Love, Rose Quartz is for you. Calming and reassuring, it gives comfort for those suffering  grief. It has the qualities of  peace, forgiveness and a relaxing feminine energy.Rose Quartz opens the heart at all levels to help you attract and give love, giving feelings of inner peace. Rose is simply, the ultimate symbol of love, and for centuries, Rose Quartz has been used in love rituals and ceremonies 

Rose quartz is also believed to make one’s skin youthful. 

It is also widely used as a crystal that heals the heart, kidney disorder, headaches, sinus severe circumstance, troubles caused by throat problems, spleen disorder, lung or ribs problems and fibromyositis. Also, one main reason for wearing this gem is that one’s brain works well with the presence of this quartz. Hence, thought creation becomes sharp that allows proper decisions to take place in one’s life rather than emotions that often trigger disappointments.

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